Bustling clusters

Making business clusters work If you put businesses in the same area and help them work together, they can be more competitive. Forming clusters of companies and organisations in the same industry, that are located close to each other has become popular in today’s globalised economy. These clusters offer benefits such as reduced costs, knowledge…

Cyber Diplomacy

Indonesia faces growing cyber threats, with 1.65 billion attacks recorded in 2021. To address this challenge, the country is partnering with Australia to build its cyber security capacity through effective cyber diplomacy.

Clicktivism Rising

A new journal paper highlight the growing role of social media in political campaigns, communication between political parties and voters, and increased community participation.

Why science is getting less disruptive

A recent study found that the amount of groundbreaking scientific research has decreased in recent years. The study, published in the journal Nature, analysed millions of scientific papers and patents from the last century and discovered that papers and patents from the 2000s were more likely to improve on previous research rather than make new…

Taking Australia’s healthcare innovation advantage to Indonesia

The Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA- CEPA) opens up new pathways for Australian business in healthcare. Two papers explore healthcare opportunities for Australian business in Indonesian. The first paper: Investing in Indonesian Healthcare: Opportunities for Australian businesses – identifies opportunities that the Indonesian healthcare presents. It outlines in particular, the role that foreign investment…

Five tips for story telling science

Five tips for storytelling in science There are lots of scientific publications available. But researchers tend to write science for other researchers. How do you make science accessible for the general community? For one thing, science needs to have less jargon. Jargon privileges only those who are familiar with the area or discipline. Another thing…

Opera, ballet and the circus: COVID-19, good time to binge on culture

There has never been a good time to binge on culture, arts and the circus offered online. Below are just some of the fabulous websites offering free access to spectacular events. The Australian Ballet’s The sleeping Beauty Cirque du Soleil 60 minutes specials The Show Must Go On: Andrew Lloyd Webber’s free musicals Metropolitan Opera…

Free to access: COVID-19 research

A publisher of science, technology, medicine, humanities and social science research is giving the public access to research articles, book chapters and information.

Education website for kids impacted by COVID-19 schools shutdown

Events with the pandemic continue to change every day. And lots of parents are at home with their kids. Despite the circumstance, this time is a beautiful time for kids to explore outside the usual school curriculum. There is a terrific number of free resources and learning options for kids of all ages. This site curates those resources for K-6 kids.

Who are Asia’s most creative disrupters?

Tesla is ranked number One in Forbes ‘Most Innovative Companies’. This year, 24 major Asian firms appear among Forbes list of the World Most Innovative Companies. The list identifies the top 100 “creative disrupters” – companies that are entering, innovating and attracting the interest of investors.

East-West business convergence

Large corporations from eastern and western countries are taking on each other’s management styles, according to new research

How offshoring is changing

A new report released by A.T. Kearney examines the changing face of offshoring. The report, Global Services Location Index 2016, maps the offshoring landscape in 55 countries across three major categories: financial attractiveness, people skills and availability, and business environment.

Turning Japanese innovation

In January, Japan’s government adopted a new Science and Technology Basic Plan (2016-2020). The intention is to turn Japan into the world’s most innovation friendly-country and build a “supersmart society”.