Clicktivism Rising

The Digital Future of Indonesian Activism

Digital activism is on the rise globally and plays a crucial role in shaping public discourse.

This phenomenon can be seen in various forms and goals and is used in different ways depending on a region’s political, social, and economic circumstances.

A new journal paper by Krismiyati, Irwan Abdu Nugraha, Myristica Imanita, Satryo Sasono, and Fakhry Amin from the Yapis Biak Institute of Social and Political Science in Indonesia sheds light on the impact of digital activism in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, digital activism has created a new platform for political literacy and governance.

The authors highlight how campaigns carried out both online and offline since 2014 have led to increased community participation and the creation of new regulations in the state administration system.

The article provides several insights regarding the role of digital activism and social media in Indonesian politics:

  1. Social media has become a powerful tool for political campaigns and communication between political parties and candidates and potential voters.
  2. While social media usage among political parties in Indonesia is still not optimal, it has the potential to reduce campaign expenses and increase political literacy and participation, especially among young people.
  3. The article also notes that for digital activism to be effective, it needs to be combined with offline campaigns and efforts to maximize its positive impact.
  4. The study by Pradana using the Spearman Rank Formula found a strong correlation between the use of social media and student political literacy, with 48% of student’s social media use being in a good category and 36% being quite good.
  5. The research on the 2014 legislative election in Bogor Regency showed that politicians did not make optimal use of social media and that this was one of the reasons for low voter participation, especially among first-time voters.

Despite the increasing prevalence of digital activism, the authors note that it will never replace traditional activism.

However, they believe that there is still much room for growth and development in the field.

The authors conclude that digital activism has played a crucial role in shaping public discourse and contributing to the development of democracy in Indonesia.

Read further: Krismiyati, Irwan Abdu Nugraha, Myristica Imanita, Satryo Sasono, Fakhry Amin, 2023, Digital Activism in Social Movements and Its Influence on the Implementation of State Administration in Indonesia, Jurnal Birokrasi & Pemerintahan Daerah, Volume 5 No. 1

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