Parchment Power

A new study explores the impact of mayoral education on economic growth in Indonesia, revealing a 5 percent employment drop under non-college educated mayors.

Ranking researchers

Did Indonesia’s implementation of a scientific ranking system, lead to a sharp increase in researcher publication output and improved scientific capacity.

Pad up

Australia and India are converging on mutual interests due to geopolitical and technological changes. The Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP) and the Quad provide a platform for collaboration in areas such as cybersecurity, energy, and supply chains. While security collaboration is challenging, prioritising collaborative efforts and pragmatic approaches can lead to successful outcomes for the relationship and the Indo-Pacific region.

Alumni advocates

Universities turn to alumni for financial support in the face of declining government funding. A study explores non-monetary ways alumni can support universities.

eSports push

How has the popularity of eSports been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and what strategies are being used to promote and market it in Malaysia?

Bustling clusters

Making business clusters work If you put businesses in the same area and help them work together, they can be more competitive. Forming clusters of companies and organisations in the same industry, that are located close to each other has become popular in today’s globalised economy. These clusters offer benefits such as reduced costs, knowledge…

Cyber Diplomacy

Indonesia faces growing cyber threats, with 1.65 billion attacks recorded in 2021. To address this challenge, the country is partnering with Australia to build its cyber security capacity through effective cyber diplomacy.

Women Wanted

Women in South Sulawesi, Indonesia face barriers to entering and advancing in the growing transport construction sector. A study highlights the need to break down gender barriers and ensure equal opportunities for women in the industry.

Strain shift

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the delicate balance of China-Indonesia relations? Some insights and arguments that examines the Impact of COVID-19 on the bilateral Relations.

Clicktivism Rising

A new journal paper highlight the growing role of social media in political campaigns, communication between political parties and voters, and increased community participation.

When differences make a difference in diverse teams

A new study suggests that when team members communicate their differences and how they are perceived it can affect the outcome of the team. It also says that it’s not just about having differences, but how those differences are talked about and handled that matters for a team.

China’s AI Ambition

China’s rise as a global leader in AI raises questions about the benefits & risks of collaboration. Is cooperation helping China overtake democratic nations or is it a threat to national security?

Tips for preparing a policy brief

Policy briefs raise awareness of current research on policy needs and succinctly communicate evidence-based recommendations. Some useful tips to help researchers.

How vocational education leaders can improve digital competencies of port workers

The article suggests that to address the gap in digital literacy skills in Makassar, vocational schools should enhance their supply chain management-related digital competencies curricula, improve teaching staff competencies, and develop stronger partnerships with industry. The article also highlights opportunities for Australian vocational education and training providers to partner with local institutions and the New Port of Makassar.

Riding the Rails to Prosperity

The railway line from Makassar to Parepare in South Sulawesi will transform the province’s economy, people, and livelihoods, but it’s not without challenges. A study by Partnership for Australia-Indonesia Research (PAIR) identified hazards, risks, and potential solutions, such as creating effective risk management plans, a pricing strategy to increase demand, intermodal freight transport plan, and Smart Transportation master plan for five regions. The railway also offers opportunities for transit and cargo-oriented development.