Education website for kids impacted by COVID-19 schools shutdown

Events with the pandemic continue to change every day. And lots of parents are at home with their kids.

Despite the anxious circumstance, this time is a beautiful time for kids to explore outside the usual school curriculum. As a dad of a 13 year old and a nine year old, I am appreciating the time together.

How do you keep kids occupied and engaged in learning?

There is a terrific number of free resources and learning options for kids of all ages. Even parents are sharing via email a list of sites. I’ve curated website of resources for kids from Kindergarten to primary school grade 6 (K-6). It’s my first attempt at building a website that links to the amazing, free resources on the web. From animals, to reading, and virtual visits.

This is just the start. I have dedicated the three hours of travel time I have saved to invest in developing this site as a resource for parents. Hopefully it is useful.

If you know of any other useful and free resources out there, please share it in the google form below. Meanwhile, enjoy the links, and trust your kids learn lots from it.

The Kid’s Discovery website:

Email to suggest more links:

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