Taking Australia’s healthcare innovation advantage to Indonesia

The Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA- CEPA) opens up new pathways for Australian business in healthcare. Two papers explore healthcare opportunities for Australian business in Indonesian.

The first paper: Investing in Indonesian Healthcare: Opportunities for Australian businesses – identifies opportunities that the Indonesian healthcare presents. It outlines in particular, the role that foreign investment has played and will play in funding Indonesia’s healthcare needs. It identifies several specific areas in healthcare where Australian companies have comparative advantages. It highlights the role that technology can play in the the delivery of the Indonesian Government’s healthcare objectives. And it highlights case studies of the real-life experience of Australian companies which have successfully entered the Indonesian healthcare market.

The second paper: Insights, outreach and brokering: Taking Australia’s healthcare innovation advantage to Indonesia – draws attention to Australia’s healthcare innovation precincts and how the Australian Government can leverage precinct capabilities in healthcare technology, medical services, healthcare and pharmaceutical infrastructure to support Indonesia’s health- related challenges.

Through a case study focused on Monash Technology Precinct, the paper argues that MedTech and pharmaceutical innovation precincts form a ready-made cluster that is open to commercial partnerships and access into international markets. They are existing models that demonstrate Australia’s advantage in innovation, talent development, industry linkages and international partnerships to deliver improved healthcare and market growth. If adequately supported with three export development enablers – insights, outreach and brokering – precincts can provide affordable healthcare to citizens, create jobs – and better-skilled jobs – and contribute to export industries. These actions will also encourage the expansion of service delivery and research partnerships that further generate new innovative growth pathways for Australia into growing markets like Indonesia and the Indo-Pacific region.

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