E-commerce in Indonesia

100 million plus internet users in Indonesia.  Australia’s trade commission (Austrade) has released a new guide to help Australian business access the market.

Some key points from the report:

  • Macquarie Bank suggest the Indonesian market has grown 60–70 per cent annually since 2014 and will expand from US$8 billion in
    2016 to US$60 billion in 2020;
  • Indonesia’s e-commerce landscape experienced investment of at least US$2.5 billion over the last three years, paving the way for businesses to list and sell their products onlineIn 2015 there were 18 million online shoppers in Indonesia;
  •  Google and Temasek expect this to grow to 119 million by 2025.


Four drivers of Indonesian e-commerce growth

  1. increase in smartphone penetration made possible by the availability of low-cost devices;
  2. an emerging middle class with a larger portion of disposable income
  3. at least US$2.5 billion of foreign direct investment in e-commerce platforms by leading Chinese and Western firms; and
  4. the accelerating evolution of payments infrastructure that is enabling customers without bank accounts (unbanked consumers) to make online purchases.




Access the report: E-Commerce in Indonesia: A guide for Australian Business

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