Seaweed nation: Indonesia’s new growth sector

Seaweed farming is a growth industry in eastern Indonesia, and the province of South Sulawesi plays a vital role in its production. The government has ambitious plans to boost its seaweed sector.

AI strategy in the Southeast Asia

Governments around the world see artificial intelligence as a nation defining capability. Countries are looking to their education systems to develop world-class generational AI capability while ensuring equity, privacy, transparency, accountability, economic and social impact.

What are the jobs of tomorrow?

In January, the World Economic Forum released a report on Jobs of Tomorrow: Mapping opportunity in the new economy, exploring how employment and professions are changing, the reasons behind the change and the new skills that are required to respond to the changes.

How can communities take advantage of new connectivity?

A new railway line can benefit communities if they are people-centric. People are likely to remain disadvantaged if they lack the knowledge needed to take advantage of opportunities and if they lack access to enabling resources or the skills needed to gain employment or build an enterprise.

E-commerce in Indonesia

100 million plus internet users in Indonesia.  Australia’s trade commission (Austrade) has released a new guide to help Australian business access the market. 

Adolescence is now between the ages of 10 to 24, say experts

Adolescence is getting longer as young adults delay marriage, children and finishing their education, say scientists. If society doesn’t have a good understanding of at what age adolescence occurs, we risk making very uninformed policy … this will have a detrimental effect not only on this generation but on generations to come.

Digital leap into big data

Every year Boston Consulting Group survey senior executives around the world asking them to rank the most innovative companies. This year’s ranking shows how more companies are going digital and making the big leap into big data analytics.

France boost links with Indonesia

French outgoing President Francoise Hollande is visiting Jakarta this week to boost bilateral ties with Indonesia.  Hollande is bringing with him investment agreements worth US$2.6 billion.  President Joko Widodo and President Hollande will witness the signing of 10 agreements covering defence, maritime and fishery affairs, sustainable urban development, research exchange programs, research, innovation and higher…

India: Asia’s new innovation centre

A report by French consulting firm, Capgemini, ranks India as the most preferred destination for innovation in Asia and third biggest globally, with the ‘Silicon Valley’ of East Bengaluru leading. Within a year, India has attracted nine new innovation centres, bringing a total of 25 centres. The US leads the list with 146 centres, followed by…

Indonesia skilled engineers shortage

Indonesia is short of skilled engineers. A country with a population of 250 million, it currently has 57 million skilled workers. It needs 113 million by 2030. This shortage is a hurdle to infrastructure development and growth of the manufacturing industry.

Who are Asia’s most creative disrupters?

Tesla is ranked number One in Forbes ‘Most Innovative Companies’. This year, 24 major Asian firms appear among Forbes list of the World Most Innovative Companies. The list identifies the top 100 “creative disrupters” – companies that are entering, innovating and attracting the interest of investors.