What are the jobs of tomorrow?

In January, the World Economic Forum released a report on Jobs of Tomorrow: Mapping opportunity in the new economy, exploring how employment and professions are changing, the reasons behind the change and the new skills that are required to respond to the changes.

There are seven emerging professional clusters and 96 jobs of tomorrow. Over the coming three years, 73 per cent of projected job opportunities in emerging professions will be in the Care Economy; 17 per cent in Sales, Marketing and Content; 16 per cent in Data and AI; 12 per cent in Engineering and Cloud Computing; and 8 per cent in People and Culture.

The analysis in the report is based on a new metric developed by the New Metrics CoLab, an initiative of the World Economic Forum and data scientists from three companies: Burning Glass Technologies, Coursera and LinkedIn. The analysis uses recent historical trend data from online job postings, hiring rates and LinkedIn’s Economic Graph research, that tracks in near-real-time how the labour market is transforming.  

Emerging professions are defined as jobs that have experienced the most growth in the last five years. LinkedIn tracked the number of professionals who are hired into new jobs. They identified 20 job roles that have seen the most growth over the past five years in 20 major economies, representing nearly half of global economic outputs. 

The seven emerging clusters of professions of the future

What are the professions of the future and skills needed? 

Ultimately, the “growth and absolute scale of a number of those professions will be distinctively determined by the choices and investment made by governments today”. 

World Economic Forum – Jobs of Tomorrow

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