Indonesia’s emerging voices

source: Business Partners Online

How is Indonesia responding towards growing pressures of East Asia financial regionalism?

Why are Indonesian teachers resisting information and communication technology?

In a more digitally connected Indonesia, why are large proportion of young adults in greater Jakarta still feeling disenfranchised?

These are just some of the questions being tackled by Indonesia’s new voices – early career researchers – in a recently launched Free English language online journal, the International Journal of Indonesian Studies

The journal is a major new initiative of three young, early career Indonesian academics based in Indonesia and Australia.

“The journal is a new online, inter-disciplinary journal dedicated to the publication and promotion of early career researchers from Indonesia whose work focuses on Indonesian issues and subject/topics”, said Ms Yacinta Kurniasih, the representative of the Journal team.

The Journal intends to redress the lack of opportunities for young, early career researchers from Indonesia to publish their work in English.

It also presents a new platform for the country’s new voices to make a significant contribution in increasing understanding of Indonesia’s culture and history, its challenges and framing Indonesia’s changing and contemporary role.

For free access visit the International Journal of Indonesian Studies. The editors also invites your contribution to papers and advancing this important dialogue.

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