Is government the problem in China’s innovation?

China’s agenda is to become an innovation-led nation by 2020 and a world leader in science and technology by 2050. China spends more on R&D than any other economy, besides the USA. It has increased R&D spending from US$23 billion in 2012 to about $284 billion in 2014. It stills trails most developed countries as a percentage of total economic output. Analysts suggest the gap will close as China continues to rapidly increase spending.

Russia’s higher education: Tipping point?

In this week’s Smart Societies blog we look at Russia’s higher education challenge. Our article focuses on Russia’s renewed efforts to internationalise its higher education sector. But a paper published in the Studies in Higher Education by Maria Yudkevich from the National Research University Higher School of Economics identifies inherent challenges to Russian ambition. Russia’s…

China needs a culture of creative innovation

By Timothy Beardson Here are several tools by which we can measure the level of innovation in a country. In China there is often a focus on numbers of patents, university graduates and scientific papers. The authorities have set quantitative targets for patents as a measure of innovation, and the number granted has subsequently increased. However, a…

The new science of diplomacy?

How do you increase resources in tough financial times? One answer is to look overseas. UK research is looking to dynamic emerging economies in Asia and Latin America where spending on science and innovation is growing fast. Even the UK government sees science and innovation as an emerging business opportunity in its international engagement. According to…

‘Clubbing’ effect in China’s research surge

By Eugene Sebastian China’s scientific research is rising. In 2005, China ranked 5th after US, UK, German and Japan in number of scholarly publications across all disciplines. In 2010, it ranked second after the US. While China’s volume of publications continue to grow quickly, there is evidence to show that its quality is also increasing….