Pandemics and the Art of Visual Persuasion

Visual aids play a crucial role in shaping public understanding and government priorities during a crisis. A new study of the UK government’s COVID-19 press briefings highlights the importance of ‘visual narrative assemblages’ in communicating policy.

Five ways to turn Bali into a ‘Zoom island’ for global remote workers

The Indonesian government recently announced plans to send 8,000 Jakarta-based civil servants to work remotely in Bali to help the tourism-dependent economy rebound from the pandemic.  If the government succeeds in fully vaccinating Bali residents, the idea makes a certain amount of sense.  Hotels and restaurants are struggling to survive. According to Statistics Indonesia, hotel occupancy rates averaged…

Opera, ballet and the circus: COVID-19, good time to binge on culture

There has never been a good time to binge on culture, arts and the circus offered online. Below are just some of the fabulous websites offering free access to spectacular events. The Australian Ballet’s The sleeping Beauty Cirque du Soleil 60 minutes specials The Show Must Go On: Andrew Lloyd Webber’s free musicals Metropolitan Opera…

Free to access: COVID-19 research

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